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  • Peter D. Kaizer

    Peter D. Kaizer

    I am a designer & developer with a passion for user focused digital products that are highly functional and beautifully designed.

  • Eugene C.

    Eugene C.

    Be strong enough to be gentle.

  • Dafne Miranda

    Dafne Miranda

    Product Designer — Florianópolis, Brasil.

  • JustAnother PM

    JustAnother PM

    #Purdue Computer Engineer, #ISB Alumnus, #MBA, Product Manager, Aspiring Entrepreneur, Amateur Blogger, Yearn to learn

  • Joel Wong

    Joel Wong

    BSc Computer & Information Sciences at The Ohio State University

  • Chantel Zapata

    Chantel Zapata

    UX Designer Domani Studios

  • Leyla Novini

    Leyla Novini

    Senior Product/UX Designer, Innovation Strategy Leader, AI/ML design, music nerd, new to the world of improv.

  • leo


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