Decision Making 101 & Practical Toolkits

We make dozens of decisions every day, some simple, some more complex. An adult makes roughly 35,000 conscious decisions each day. The purpose of this article is to provide a practical guideline to make solid decisions in professional and personal settings.

What is Decision Making?

  • Decision implies the end of deliberation and the beginning of an action
  • Decision-making involves the selection of a course of action from among two or more possible alternatives in order to arrive at a solution for a given problem
  • Decision ≠ Outcome Good decisions don’t always have a good outcome. Bad decisions don’t always have a bad outcome. …

Service Design 101 and a curated reading list for beginners.

With more organizations embracing design as a critical component of their business strategy, product or UX design is no longer a myth. If designing products is something that we’re getting good at, what does it mean to design a service? And why we need service design?

What is Service?

To understand service design, we need to first understand what a service is and each of its components.

Service is a collection of interactions between a customer and an organization, through digital, physical, and interpersonal touchpoints over time.

If we zoom out from the interaction between your customer and your product and look at…

Design critique is fun, right?

I have been to a great number of design critique sessions throughout my career, out of which there were sessions that made me experience the mind-blowing aha-moments. And of course, some others that made me realize I can sleep with my eyes open. To make design critique fun, I summarized a list of questions to help fellow designers (or non-designers) better receive and provide feedback.

How Might We Better Receive Feedback?

  • Leave our egos at the door
  • Don’t get attached to our designs
  • Be ready to improve our work and grow as designers

STEP 1 — Get Prepared

  • Have you addressed feedback from previous sessions? (If applicable)
  • What is your desired…

For the past two years, I have worked as a product designer in wealth management at a North American major bank. Many people ask me questions like “How is it like to be a designer at a bank?” “What is your process?” “What are your experiences working in Agile?” So today, I decided to answer these questions by telling a story.

The Challenges

Before I start the story, I’d like to talk about some challenges that I’m facing as a UX designer in a large corporation.

1. UX vs. Agile

All of the product teams that I have worked on use Agile methodology. However, I find…

How do we translate user feedback to our design?

I love traveling and exploring the world. When it comes to accommodation booking, I normally use Airbnb for local home stays and for cheap hostels. If you ask my experience of using their platforms, I would say……

Airbnb vs.

“ Airbnb is like going to an old friend’s house. We chat about our childhood funny stories and exciting things happening in life while having a nice cup of tea.”

“, on the other hand, is like being invited to a big birthday party. I struggle my way through random strangers while suffering from extremely loud music. ”

The challenge

As a wanderlust…

UI Design — More than just creating pretty images.

The challenge

I was provided a great opportunity to hone my visual design skills and learn the process by creating a mobile app UI library. A UI Library, also known as visual styles, or theme, is a custom graphical interface elements package that is applied to a particular app or website to create an elegant experience for the users.

My design process:

The Challenge

I love music and use Spotify everyday, when I’m struggling to get up in the morning, when I’m focusing at work and when I’m taking a shower in the evening. It has been a pleasant experience with Spotify but I’m quite the picky designer and I believe it could be better.

I was provided with a great opportunity to do a reverse engineering practice of Spotify. I spent two weekends taking things apart, understand how it works and try to improve the user experience. This practice is purely based on my own research and my personal usage.

Part 1 : Current State Analysis

  • Business Goals vs…

Renee Lin

Design Strategist | Toronto | When the WHY is clear, the HOW is easy.

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